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It is common for individuals to have their phones destroyed or broken whether it is accidental or in purpose. You might be familiar with these situations: cracked screen, wet phone, corrupted storage, virus infected system, and malfunctioning parts. As a person who uses a variety of devices such as from mobile phones, to television, to laptop, and to tablets, I know the feeling of getting my devices broken or destroyed. Recently I just bought my sixth phone and tenth earphones. My friends usually call me the destroyer because I could not keep a device from breaking for at least a month or a year. This is why I have researched and written the different factors which you can consider when opting to have your cell phone repaired.


Worth - You should ask yourself if it is worth it to repair your iPhone on your own. Try canvassing or researching or even asking vendors and repair services the cost of the repair services and the cost of the same phone but brand new. If the cost of the repair services is close to the cost of the brand new same phone, then it is clear that you should consider buying a brand new phone rather than having your phone repaired.


Cost - In relation to the worth, you should also consider the cost of the repair services so that you will be able to know if you can afford the repair services or not. This is important because some repair services cost as much as buying a very expensive phone. Also, when you consider knowing the cost of having your cell phone repaired, you will be able to know or find the lowest possible cost for repair services by canvassing or asking different cell phone repair men. You would be surprised how low some cell phone repair men charge than others who charge a fortune. Plus you will be able to determine if the repair man is scamming you by charging you twice or more than the normal or regular cost.


Damage - Consider the damage done to your cell phone. Is it that bad? Is it the whole phone or is it only a corner of the screen or a small part of the phone. You can consider searching the web for alternate solutions such as D.I.Y. cell phone or iPhone repair tips and tricks. It will save you a lot of money and time when you use your resources wisely.


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